terpegun dengan bisnes books-2u...

by - February 15, 2012


Me and my husband are both bookaholics. I used to read chic lit a lot! But now I am more into historical fiction, horror, thriller and crime.

Mean while, my dear husband likes to read 'novel cinta' especially Alaf 21 novels, hahahaha! Other than that, he is also more into automotive magazines and books.

Ever since i was in primary school, i love to collect magazines such as Kuntum and Dewan Pelajar (i do not know whether both magazines still exist or not, hehee). During this period, one of my chinese classmate introduced me to 'True Singapore Ghost Stories'. Since then, i was addicted to the series and i managed to save up money to buy every single series. I was so addicted to the books until at one time, i thought there are sooo many ghosts in Singapore!

Then i started with Galaxy (entertainment) and APO? (humor) magazines. It was sad when i need to sold off my entire collection to the 'surat kabar lama man' because the magazines are taking a lot of space in my tiny room. Sob Sob Sob~

I started my book collection when i entered Uitm. Last year somewhere in July, I decided to sold off some of my books collection..bit by bit! Later, i received some request from my customers to stock up new titles. My mind went numb. I talked to my other half (husband) until we came to the decision that, we should continue selling books, yeay!

I spend few weeks, opss.. no..months seeking for suppliers. All the phone calls, emails, appointments are finally paid off when we managed to get few outstanding book suppliers. Now both of us are doing all the stock update, marketing and posting. We hope that one day, we have enough money to open our own bookshop. Physical bookshop, but we will continue operating online :)

Deep in my heart, i would like to thank all for your endless supports. We will continue to bring in new titles with an affordable price. Any comment @ feedback, please email to



Gina Bookseller

finish for ur reading? so how? sangat kagum dengan bisnes mereka kan,dari minat hingga ke bisnes, sangat wooowwwwwww! novel yang selalu di update pon mostly the latest novel la ... onie sendiri pon tertarik dengan cara bisnes mereka ... yang penting usaha,usaha lebih rezeki yang datang pon insyaAllah pasti lebih....

the author sophie kinsella,made me interested to read the novel in english...so, i know... one of you are fans of the novel..... nak order or whatever boleh terus ke sini atau sini ....selamat menjengah semua :))

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  1. bsnes biasa dtg dari minat, sbb tu aku tak suka makan gaji. BUat kerja yg kita tak suka, sgt susah ok.

  2. wow bestnyer! thanks for da info;)

  3. Bisnes beraskan minat mmg best.sbb kita akan enjoy buat bende tu.dgn kata lain,pengetahuan pun kene ada utk manage duit dan marketing dan sanggup hadapi risiko.


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